Solar Flare - bridge humbucker specifically designed for HSS – Alegree
Solar Flare - bridge humbucker specifically designed for HSS

Solar Flare - bridge humbucker specifically designed for HSS

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 A common problem is finding a bridge humbucker in a HSS configuration is that many typically designed humbuckers just won't sit right with the single coils. Set the amp up for great single coil tones, the bridge is dull and lifeless, set it up for the humbucker tone, and the neck/middle are piercingly bright. You've found the solution to that problem.


The solar flare bridge humbucker is designed to be bright, percussive and chimey, just like your favourite single coils, so that they both shine their best through the same amp settings. We know people who rock an HSS guitar do so for the versatility of having a humbucker at the bridge, and we didn't want to lose that - so we set about making a humbucker that still is humbucker in character, but played nicely with singles. The Solar Flare has been calibrated to work perfectly in conjunction with our Texan Hailstorm Stratocaster single coils. It will work perfectly with any singles from vintage to medium output. 


As matching single coils and humbuckers seems to be such a common issue, we were very surprised when we failed to find any humbuckers that were specifically designed to combat this issue. In typical Alegree spirit, we had faith we could go where no other pickup builder had gone before and come up with a solution to this problem. Starting with alnico rods in the slug bobbin, we get a great snappy attack that can only be described as 'Stratty'. This also gives it a bright treble response and an output boost over the normal steel slugs and bar magnet arrangement. Perfect for using less winds of wire to keep it bright and sparkly. With the goal being a more Stratty flavoured humbucker rather than a humbucker that sounds like a Strat single, we opted for a lower output coil with the normal bar magnet and steel screws arrangement, as opposed to a dummy coil. This retains the humbucker character. It's then wound to a medium output Strat bridge output with single coil wire. 


This would also make a superb neck pickup for people who struggle with the boominess of a normal neck humbucker.


Resistance (ohms): 6.6k
Magnet: alnico 2 rods and alnico 2 bar magnet
Spacing: 52mm
Lead wire: 4 conductor + shield
Base plate: short legged nickel silver
Wax potted


Supplied with mounting screws & springs.