Solderless Stratocaster wiring harness

Solderless Stratocaster wiring harness

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The perfect solution for the solder shy! 

If you previously wanted to switch your pickups or replace electronics for higher quality, more durable components, you'd have to learn how to solder. Learning how to melt solder with a hot soldering iron about 450 degrees right next to your beautiful guitar finish isn't too popular. Not only the risk of damaging your guitar's finish, but damaging the components themselves! And that's before troubleshooting the electrical problems that may occur too. Needless to say, there's quite a number of guitarists who choose not to solder.

This leaves these people with two options - being stuck with whatever stock electronics come in their guitar, or taking them to an expensive guitar tech to get them swapped out. The work often exceeds the price of the components themselves.

We've come up with an elegant solution to this problem. This circuit board is mounted to the back of the volume and tone potentiometers (knobs), it's pre-soldered and equipped with a screw terminal and plug for your pickup leads and jack connector. To install it all you need to do is -
- Screw the washer and nuts onto the pots through the pickguard
- Screw the switch onto the pickguard
- Install the jack into the jack plate
- Plug the jack connector into the pins (behind the grey terminal in the first photo)
- Follow the labels to the left of the grey terminal to plug in each of your pickup wires into the terminal by pushing down the button and inserting the wire for the terminal to clamp it in. Insert the string ground into one of the black wire terminal slots.