Solderless Telecaster wiring harness

Solderless Telecaster wiring harness

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Control plate is not included unless selected from the drop down menu - our import width 34mm plates are used.

The perfect solution for the solder shy! 

If you previously wanted to switch your pickups or replace electronics for higher quality, more durable components, you'd have to learn how to solder. Learning how to melt solder with a hot soldering iron about 450 degrees right next to your beautiful bass finish isn't too popular. Not only the risk of damaging your guitar's finish, but damaging the components themselves! And that's before troubleshooting the electrical problems that may occur too. Needless to say, there's quite a number of guitarists who choose not to solder.

This leaves these people with two options - being stuck with whatever stock electronics come in their guitar, or taking them to an expensive tech to get them swapped out. The work often exceeds the price of the components themselves.

We've come up with an elegant solution to this problem. This circuit board is mounted to the back of the volume and tone potentiometers (knobs), it's pre-soldered and equipped with a screw terminal for your pickup leads, and a plug to plug in the jack socket. To install it all you need to do is -

- Screw the washers and nuts onto the pots and jack after they're inserted into the control plate.

- Insert the switch into the long rectangular hole and screw it onto the control plate

- Follow the labels to the right of the grey terminal to plug in each of your pickup wires into the terminal by pushing down the button and inserting the wire for the terminal to clamp it in.

- Install the jack into the jack plate, feed the output leads through to the control cavity, then plug the plug onto the connectors, following the labelled colours.

This harness is made up with quality components including

- CTS solid shaft shaft potentiometers

- Oak Grigsby 3 way blade switch

- Orange drop capacitor

- Switchcraft jack socket

Available in a variety of different options to accommodate most requirements.

We suggest the standard 250k + 0.047 with single coils and 500k + 0.022uf with humbuckers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jet Haggis
Very happy.

I'm pretty much THE target audience for a product like this.I can do a basic set up on a guitar but my soldering skills are woeful. So when the pickup selector on my partscaster build stopped working I had several options.

1. Attempt to replace the part myself and try to solder it.
2. Take it to a guitar repairer.
3. This.

It was fairly easy to install, I personally found the connections for the pickup wires to be a bit small and fiddly, but I'm not a young person, my hands are a little shaky & my eyesight is not what it was, but I got there.

The board was not compatibly sized with my pre existing control panel, knobs & switch tip, so I ordered those from Alegree as well, everything arrived promptly. The components are all of extremely high quality.

I had a slight issue in that there was a grub screw missing from one of the control knobs, the company have provided a replacement with no quibble. Their customer service is second to none.

Not only has this solder-free control panel solved my issue without having to use a luthier or bodge the soldering myself, I genuinely think it has made the guitar sound better. I guess good pots and an orange drop capacitor will do that.

Alastair McDermott
Great service

Great company to deal with.
Friendly, helpful service.
Good products.
I’ll definitely recommend and use them again.

Alastair McDermott
Good product.

Fitted and worked with no issues.
Easy to swap out pickups no with the solderless connectors. Recommended


Not fitted it yet. is correct to order, looks tidy.