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Stratocaster style baked maple neck (paddle headstock)

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Baked Canadian maple necks. Maple neck and maple fretboards with 22 jumbo frets, 42mm bone nut, 10mm tuner holes, and 9.5 inch radius.

The headstocks are paddle shaped to allow you to cut the headstock into your own custom shape. The neck is unfinished, and can be left as such, or it can be finished in lacquer for a shiny, durable finish. They have no body mounting holes so that you can drill your own to your body's specifications.

The necks are supplied with allen keys for truss rod adjustment (at headstock end).


These necks are a drop in fit for our Stratocaster style bodies.

Dimensions - 
Heel width - 54mm
Heel height - 21mm excluding fretboard, 25mm including fretboard
Neck thickness at 1st fret - 19mm
Neck thickness at 12th fret - 22mm