Stratocaster vintage style bent steel bridge saddle set

Stratocaster vintage style bent steel bridge saddle set

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A set of 6 chrome bent steel vintage style Stratocaster bridge saddles. 

The ultimate in vintage style Strat bridge saddles. Perfect for upgrading your bridge into a more vintage accurate specification to allow access to tones found on all the great Strat tracks coming from the 50s, and many from the 60s.

These are made from one lightweight, thin strip of steel bent into an S-like shape. There's no groove for the string to run through, helping somewhat to prevent string bunching and increasing tuning stability. This lightweight, simple design is integral to the vintage tone. Modern heavy block style saddles don't have the same string attack.

These can be easily installed on any tremolo that accommodates the following dimensions -
Length - 21mm
Width - 11mm
Height - 5mm
String spacing - 56mm
Supplied with mounting screws, mounting springs, and height screws.