Sub Zero humbucker sized Stratocaster single coils solderless connector setup

Sub Zero humbucker sized Stratocaster single coils solderless connector setup

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The solderless connector setup includes a circuit board loaded with all the favourite USA grade electronics (Switchcraft jack, Switchcraft switch, CTS potentiometers, Orange drop capacitor). This circuit board simply drops into your Gibson style control layout, then you plug in the connectors we've added to the end of the pickup leads into the circuit board. The humbucker setup comes with default 250k potentiometers, 3 way toggle switch and 0.047uf capacitors.


These are available in both import (long shaft pots, short frame switch), USA (long shaft pots, long frame switch), or right angle (short shaft pots, right angle toggle switch) formats. (ONLY) Gibson Les Pauls will use USA. Epiphones and other import models will use the import format. SGs and similar will use the right angle format. Import models Les Pauls typically use short shaft potentiometers, but we've found through experimentation that due to the nature of the way that the pots are seated at different heights in the cavity, short shaft pots will not work effectively. Long shaft pots are used by shimming the shaft to the correct length with the second nut inside the cavity.

No soldering is required at all, making the installation job take about 10 minutes in total!


These are part of our humbucker sized Stratocaster single coil range. A Strat single coil is encased between a humbucker baseplate and humbucker cover to allow them to be installed in any standard humbucker equipped guitar. There's a tiny bit of treble loss due to the additional metal content in the pickup, but they're otherwise constructed and tonally identical.

Trying to achieve a P90 tone in a typical Strat single coil spacing isn't a new concept at all. However, this innovative approach to achieving that same goal brings with it many benefits over the prior designs consisting of small bar magnets and humbucker bobbins with steel screws.

The Sub-Zero single coils use massive coils (like a P90) with long alnico magnets, and wide 42 AWG wire (like a P90). Previous attempts to recreate a P90 tone in a Strat single coil format had to be wound with 43 AWG (thinner) wire in order to get enough winds into the small humbucker bobbin to be in the same ballpark of output as a P90. This thinner wire added tons of compression and a muddied treble response - not P90 like at all!

The Sub-Zeros use alnico rods, which is entirely new to this type of design. Previous designs couldn't get near the magnetic field strength of a proper P90 - their little bar magnets just didn't give the juice that two large bar magnets do. Alnico rods have a much stronger magnetic field at the string, meaning they can imitate that strong field better. The combination of the stronger magnetic field and a massive coil means these pickups roar just like a P90, rather than being a compressed tame single coil like those that have come before. An added bonus is that they look completely stock (after being installed) - so you can mix and match with your favourite standard Strat singles (which, obviously, you can find in our range!).

The final tweaks to get the tones absolutely spot on was to add some passive filtering to adjust the EQ to make the sound just that bit more authentic P90.

These pickups are designed to imitate vintage P90s on standard Strat control values of 250k potiometers and 0.047uf capacitors.

These are slightly taller than the typical single coil - 23mm tall including the output cables (excluding baseplate legs). Please check your guitar has space to accommodate this before purchasing.

Specifications (neck/bridge):

Magnets: alnico 4+5 hybrid/alnico 2
Spacing: 52mm
Output wire: braided single conductor
Wax potted


Important note: these pickups are very sensitive to height adjustment. It is suggested, for the most P90 like tone, to set these low.

Supplied with mounting screws and springs.