Texan Dustdevil solderless connector setup

Texan Dustdevil solderless connector setup

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The solderless connector setup includes a circuit board loaded with all the favourite USA grade electronics (Switchcraft jack, Oak Grigsby switch, CTS potentiometers, Orange drop capacitor) along with the pickups. This circuit board simply drops into your Tele, then you plug in the connectors we've added to the end of the pickup leads into the circuit board. The Tele setup comes with default 250k potentiometers, 3 (or 4) way switch and 0.047uf capacitor. No soldering is required at all, making the installation job take about 10 minutes in total!

Soundclips kindly donated by Francesco Rosato


This is a medium output pickup set for Telecasters. The bridge is based on the early 'Esquire' pickups, it is wound hotter than a traditional Telecaster bridge pickup, allowing it to push an amp into a nice bluesy overdrive more easily. This is very reminiscent of the infamous early Esquire pickups, giving you the beautiful twang and snarl that they had paradoxically simultaneously.

The bridge is wound to the maximum that can possibly fit with vintage sized 42 gauge wire. Normally a hotter pickup needs thinner wire for more winds to fit, sacrificing the twang and snap that a Telecaster bridge pickup is known for. We've maximised output and twang simultaneously by utilising specific wind patterns, wire gauge and a copper plated steel baseplate. This is the perfect pickup for someone who needs an extra boost from vintage output, but does not wish to stray too far from the general tonality. By using modern wire with a more consistent insulation diameter, this pickup retains much more high end and clarity than the original Esquires did.

Esquires did not have a neck pickup, but we've designed one to complement the bridge. We had to be creative and make a neck pickup from the ground upwards for an appropriate match. Wound, just as the bridge is, by utilising the same wire gauge (43) as vintage Telecaster pickups, and to the maximum that the dimensions allow, the neck will not be drowned out by the powerful bridge.

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance (ohms): 8.5k/8.5k
Magnets: alnico 5 rods
Copper plated steel bridge baseplate
Vintage push back wire
Polarity: north up/south up

Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & tubing.

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