Texan Hailstorm - vintage blues with an extra kick of output

Texan Hailstorm - vintage blues with an extra kick of output

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 Solderless setup with all required wiring available here.

Our take on the hotter vintage 'Texas' style single coils.

These pickups take the typical vintage 42 Stratocaster wind to the max. They are wound until they can be wound no more - giving you an extra kick to push your amp into a beautiful bluesy overdrive, whilst preserving the chime and clarity that can only be achieved by 42 gauge wire.

A higher wind gives the pickups a more prominent mid range, but not to the extent that it is overbearing. The hollow, woody EQ we've come to know and love in a great Stratocaster pickup set is still present - the 42 awg wire and handwinding technique  contribute to keep the mids from dominating the sound, allowing a wide spectrum of notes to be heard with the ultimate level of clarity when complex chords are struck. Because of their recipe being very similar to a low output vintage Strat pickup, rolling off the volume knob will give a very convincing imitation - of course with the added versatility to open the volume full and have that Texan sizzle at your beck and call.

An overwound bridge keeps the first switch position from being overly piercing. It remains bright and clear, but with the obnoxious treble frequencies rolled off. Modern wire and winding pattern retains all the clarity and touch responsivity of a vintage equivalent.

Specifications (neck/middle/bridge):

Resistance (ohms): 6.3k/6.3k/7.2k
Magnets: alnico 5 rods
Lead wire: push back vintage cloth
Pole spacing: 52mm all positions
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & tubing.