The Volcano' active bass pickups

The Volcano' active bass pickups

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The Volcano will provide you with a huge yet clear tone great for the modern bassist. By combining their powerful ceramic magnets and their preamp, The Volacanos will give you a wide frequency range with crisp harmonic high end and a bright, crystal clear low end.

These pickups hold their own with any high gain rig, they're able to produce a thick low end that doesn't get lost with added gain. These pickups will still retain all their qualities while being played clean, for an even balanced tone with a huge dynamic range. They have an almost hi-fi quality due to the active preamp pushing a low output passive design to a usable volume.

Sizes (neck and bridge identical)
Length - 104mm 
Width - 39mm 

Depth - 23.5mm 

Magnets - Ceramic
Output wires - 9V, hot and ground