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The Threat' 6 string Music Man bass pickups

The Threat' 6 string Music Man bass pickups

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The Threats are high output pickups suited for the modern player who needs versatility. With a whopping 15.4k resistance, these are suited for heavy handed players looking to push their amp. The Threats emphasise the transients of your playing, while retaining an incredibly fat low end. If you find yourself needing to cut through a mix or dialing back the gain, you can use the coil split mode to get a more Jazz bass like tone. Scooped mids and hot vintage tone slightly with pushed high end. 

Dimensions -
Length - 105mm
Width: 48mm

Height: 18mm

Resistance -  15.4 (neck) 15.4k (bridge)
Magnets - Ceramic
Output wires - 4 conductor