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Vintage style PAF humbucker build kit

Vintage style PAF humbucker build kit

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Please note this kit is not 100% vintage accurate.

Everything you need (minus the coil wire) to build a humbucker!
Kit includes:
- 49.2mm pole spacing butyrate screw bobbin
- 49.2mm pole spacing butyrate slug bobbin
- 6 pole screws
- 6 slugs
- metal spacer (50mm, but the holes are large enough to fit 49.2mm comfortably)
- maple spacer
- alnico bar magnet (standard are 1959 style, short roughcast are T-top style)
- nickel silver long legged baseplate 
- 4 baseplate screws
- 2 mounting screws & springs
- 40cm of braided single conductor wire
- 1957 replica pure nickel silver humbucker cover
Please note - slugs should only be inserted using an appropriate press. Hammering slugs into the bobbins is likely to break them.