Wide Range humbucker DIY build kit

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A set of parts required to build your own Wide Range humbucker pickups. Typically found on Fender Telecaster Deluxe guitars, Wide Range humbuckers are brighter and chimier than normal Gibson humbuckers. They use FeCrCo magnet screws and big squat coils of thick wire to produce a tone that's between a Gibson humbucker and Fender single coil.

These are 53.3mm string spacing for use in neck and bridge positions. These have a different footprint to standard Gibson sized humbuckers and are not interchangable.  

These come with special wire hookup tabs on the bottom of the bobbins making these pickups much easier to build than traditional Gibson humbuckers. The wire is fed out the bobbin and around the tab, where it's soldered on. The 4 conductors of the output cable are soldered onto each of the 4 tabs on the base of the pickup after the cable is anchored in the baseplate cut outs.

In the kit - 
Chrome plated nickel silver cover
Bobbin x 2
Nickel silver baseplate
FeCrCo pole screws (6 north, 6 south)
Baseplate screw x 4
Mounting screw x 4
Mounting spring x 4
40cm 4 conductor wire