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Wilkinson WJ-15 - 3 a side (3 + 3) on plate machine heads

Wilkinson WJ-15 - 3 a side (3 + 3) on plate machine heads

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Wilkinson has a long established reputation of stellar quality at a great price point. These machine heads are no exception to that - these combine excellent manufacturing techniques and durable materials to bring an excellent set of premium level machine heads to those with a non-premium budget.

These machine heads are a set of two strips of 3 machine heads for ease of installation. They are fastened to the peg head of your guitar with two centre screws and one of either side of each outer machine head. These come with accompanying screws, washers and bushings.

Strip length (at maximum): 101mm
Strip width: 17mm
Machine head spacing: 35mm
Machine head shaft diameter: 6mm
Peg head hole diameter required for bushing: 8mm
Plate to string hole distance: 21.5mm
Plate to top of machine head distance: 25mm
Mounting hole spacing (top to second): 32mm
Mounting hole spacing (second to third): 35mm
Mounting hole spacing (third to bottom): 27.5mm