Wilkinson WMHR alnico 5 mini humbucker

Wilkinson WMHR alnico 5 mini humbucker

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The Wilkinson WMHR utilises an alnico 5 bar magnet with 42 gauge coil wire to replicate the quintessential vintage mini humbucker tone. This tone is typically brighter, tighter, and more touch sensitive than a standard humbucker.

With a solid low end, shimmering treble and scooped mids, this pickup is an excellent upgrade for a slightly-tamer-than-humbucker tone.

This pickup is a direct drop in fit for any soapbar cavity, it comes accompanied with the mounting ring that drops straight into the cavity to fill in the remaining space, the pickup is mounted through the ring on either side by the mounting legs on the baseplate.

Dimensions (pickup) -
Length: 68mm
Width: 28mm
Depth: 15mm

Dimensions (ring) -
Length: 85.5mm
Width: 34.5mm
Depth: 16mm

Supplied with mounting screws and springs.