Frigid Haze - improved early '60s blues rock style

Frigid Haze - improved early '60s blues rock style

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Solderless setup with all required wiring available here.

These are a recreation of the bluesy pickups that were made famous in the 60s by Hendrix. These pickups have the twang, sparkle and clarity that you need to accurately recreate those famous tones.

These will quack beautifully in the 2 and 4 position and will chime like a bell in any position. They excel in any genre short of modern metal; pristine cleans to the most articulate distortion tones you've ever heard. They equally take effect pedals excellently (wah and fuzz particularly!).These are all wound with approximately the same wind with push back wire to remain faithful to the original design. RWRP middle to hum cancel in the 2 and 4 positions.     

Modern wire and winding patterns introduce a new level of clarity in these pickups that wasn't present in recreations. This clarity gives the pickup a livelier feel and a louder, more expressive quality. All while being able to drive a preamp into those beautiful smokey blues tones.

Specifications (neck/middle/bridge):
Resistance (ohms): 5.8k/5.8k/5.8k
Magnets: alnico 5 rods
Spacing: 52mm

Output wire: vintage style cloth covered push back
Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & tubing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Outstanding set

I've used a lot of guitars and a lot of pickups. This set may be the most versatile I've used.

Exceptionally clear without being harsh, they sound great clean, with crunch and, most surprisingly, they handle a really tight metal sound without the tinny upper mid thing when you palm mute.

A really great balanced, clear set of pickups.

Jon White
These are the ones!

I have tried many different strat pickups over the decades, I could never quite find the right thing. Expensive and well known brands like Bare Knuckle, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Fender, Suhr, Kinman etc. Many were good, but none of them felt like 'the one' in terms of a set I was totally happy with. Usually the bridge pickup was least satisfying. Anyway, I took a punt on the Frigid Haze set and immediately fell in love with them! These are exactly what I have been looking for for my self built strat. They have been in for 3 years now and will be going nowhere. We all have different tastes but for me these are the perfect strat pickups.

Bill Wright
Frigid Haze and wiring loom

I bought these pickups several months ago along with new pots and wiring. I've played them constantly since and it turned the guitar from a sometimes player to my go to guitar.

The website description is very accurate in terms of tone but doesn't let you know just how loud these pickups are. They are significantly louder than my other single coil guitars.

Played through a wah, vibe and fuzz 60's psychedelic blues are easily achievable but the clean sounds are also very good and I use them for modulated ambient pads very successfully.

A steal at the price and highly recommended.

Made my guitar sing

After a week with my new Frigid Haze pickups (I bought the complete scratchplate as the old switches and pots were not good) my old cheap strat copy has now become my favourite guitar (over a couple more expensive ones), sounding every bit as good as the real thing. Quack and sparkle are all there and the balance of tones between the pickups is just right. The instrument now sings and is much more musical - joy to play. Thanks Alex

David Woolcock
well worth a try

Website description seems accurate. Quite bright in positions 1,3,5 but predictably less bright in the ‘in-between’ positions 2,4.
Tone controls are a wonderful thing...
Good projection and sound clarity, well balanced between the strings and between pickup to pickup.
Initially they appear to be good quality and are very pleasing to play.