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Stratocaster wiring harness

Stratocaster wiring harness

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A prewired Stratocaster harness with import sized components (no drilling required to enlarge potentiometer holes for USA components). This harness contains all the essential components to wire up your Stratocaster, all you need to add is pickups. 


This harness contains -

- A 5 way blade switch (8 in line contacts function in the same way as the 4 a side you may be accustomed too)

- 3x 250k logarithmic potentiometers (1 volume, 2 tones)

- 2x 0.047uf capacitor 

- Output jack


This harness will drop straight into any standard sized Strat and only needs the pickups soldered onto it and the ground soldered to the spring claw (5-10 minutes total work).