Telecaster neck pickup short skirt cover

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Short skirt covers to fit Telecaster neck pickups.

Nickel silver is one of two materials regularly found in Tele neck covers - the other being brass. Eddy currents form in nickel silver, but to a lesser extent than brass, making the same pickup comparably brighter. 

A high amount of eddy currents form in the brass as electricity forms inside your pickup. These eddy currents put a reverse force on the output of your pickup, leeching away some of the treble response. This is what gives Tele neck pickups their characteristic mellowness. Nickel silver covers are great for a brighter, airier characteristic for those who want to leave vintage behind!

These short skirt covers have a smaller amount of metal surrounding the coil, leading to less treble loss than their standard sized long skirt counterparts.

Dimensions - 
Length: 65mm
Width: 16mm
Height (excluding tabs): 7-13mm
Tab height: 6mm