Typhoon solderless connector setup

Typhoon solderless connector setup

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The solderless connector setup includes a circuit board loaded with all the favourite USA grade electronics (Switchcraft jack, Oak Grigsby switch, CTS potentiometers, Orange drop capacitor) along with the pickups. This circuit board simply drops into your Tele, then you plug in the connectors we've added to the end of the pickup leads into the circuit board. The Tele setup comes with 500k potentiometers, 3 (or 4) way switch and 0.022uf capacitor. No soldering is required at all, making the installation job take about 10 minutes in total!​​​

Solderless setup with all required wiring available here.

​​​This is a noiseless stacked pickup set designed to imitate the traditional vintage style Telecaster pickups, and it does so beautifully. 

The bridge has a great amount of twang and bite, more than enough to be able to cover all the chicken pickin' licks you can dream of, and best of all - none of that horrid humming and hissing when you play in a location with poor electronics!

The long alnico 5 polepieces preserve a great deal of the treble that is lost in the hum cancelling coils, preserving a single coil tone. These come with 4 conductor wire, so if a true single coil tone is vital to some parts of your work you can wire them up to a switch for single coil operation.

The iconicly sharp and beautiful treble response of Tele bridges is present, the mids are balanced, and the bass is percussive. The EQ is exactly as a normal Tele bridge pickup. We use 43 gauge wire in place of the typically used 44 awg wire - which results in high capacitance, sapping the pickup of the treble that Tele bridges are loved for. 

The neck is warm and creamy, with unmistakable single coil clarity. This pickup is designed to imitate the earliest vintage Tele necks with a modest output level. We've boosted it a fraction above vintage level to make it a better match with the bridge. It blends the perfect amount of treble into the mix to stop it from being overly dull or mushy, but not too much to lose the smooth, jazzy tone that Tele neck players love.

If you choose a coverless neck, it will introduce more treble into the pickup. The unavoidable treble loss in the stacked design can be countered by removing the cover, which contributes to the treble loss in a standard Telecaster neck. This means that an unconventional coverless version sounds like a standard covered Tele neck, whilst having the benefits of having more height adjustment range and a higher output. We use exclusively nickel silver covers to retain as much high end as possible, if a cover is desired.

These pickups are 23 millimetres - taller than traditional Tele pickups, so check your guitar can accommodate them!

We recommend changing your potentiometers to 500k for use with these, as they are humbuckers.

Specifications (neck/bridge):

Resistance (ohms): 15k/13k
Magnets: alnico 5
Output wire: 4 conductor + shield
Wax potted

Supplied with screws and springs.

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