Texan Dustdevil - Esquire style bridge with matched neck

Texan Dustdevil - Esquire style bridge with matched neck

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Soundclips kindly donated by Francesco Rosato


 Solderless setup with all required wiring available here.

This is a medium output pickup set for Telecasters. The bridge is based on the early 'Esquire' pickups, it is wound hotter than a traditional Telecaster bridge pickup, allowing it to push an amp into a nice bluesy overdrive more easily. This is very reminiscent of the infamous early Esquire pickups, giving you the beautiful twang and snarl that they had paradoxically simultaneously.

The bridge is wound to the maximum that can possibly fit with vintage sized 42 gauge wire. Normally a hotter pickup needs thinner wire for more winds to fit, sacrificing the twang and snap that a Telecaster bridge pickup is known for. We've maximised output and twang simultaneously by utilising specific wind patterns, wire gauge and a copper plated steel baseplate. This is the perfect pickup for someone who needs an extra boost from vintage output, but does not wish to stray too far from the general tonality. By using modern wire with a more consistent insulation diameter, this pickup retains much more high end and clarity than the original Esquires did.

Esquires did not have a neck pickup, but we've designed one to complement the bridge. We had to be creative and make a neck pickup from the ground upwards for an appropriate match. Wound, just as the bridge is, by utilising the same wire gauge (43) as vintage Telecaster pickups, and to the maximum that the dimensions allow, the neck will not be drowned out by the powerful bridge.

Specifications (neck/bridge):
Resistance (ohms): 8.5k/8.5k
Magnets: alnico 5 rods
Copper plated steel bridge baseplate
Vintage push back wire
Polarity: north up/south up

Wax potted

Supplied with mounting screws & tubing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brian Pasco
Same pickup in two guitars - massive improvement!

2 very different, but Fender inspired, guitars benefit in different ways from the same Tele bridge pickup! Thanks to @alegreeguitarsupplies for their Texan Dustdevil bridge pickups: my ash-bodied Robin Ranger now gets some mid-range clout but still has the twang; my mahogany-bodied Chapman ML3 Traditional now gets some sparkle and looses the brashness of the original pickup. Both are now keepers.., I'm delighted!

Matthew Hollingshurst
Rock and Roll

I bought a set of Texan Dustdevil pickups to replace the slightly bland Wilkinson pickups in a tele copy made by the Vintage Brand. The difference is remarkable.

These pickups are still clear and defined and don't muddy up, but bring a bit more punch to the tele configuration. They're by no means ultra-high output tele pickups but they bring a good bite and thump for classic telecaster rock and roll tunes - think Rolling Stones or Status Quo!

The pickups are perfectly balanced across positions giving exactly the spread of tones I was after from this tele. Now every time I pick it up, I can't help but smile.

David Woolcock
Classic telecaster neck and responsive bridge

Fitted set of T/Dustdevils to American Standard. Reverse slant bridge plate ( chromed brass plate with 6 x modern steel saddles) 1.5mf cap/s, standard 3 position wiring, 250k log pots.

Bridge p/up: predictable , bright, but very lively and responsive, benefitted from mounting with rubber tubing ( as supplied ) and not the spring mount method and filled the rout cavity with foam rubber ( Alegree packaging works fine ) as this helps reduce the microphonics that might occur with higher gain settings. Roll the tone off and revel in the authority this p/up imparts.

Mid position : classic tele , chewy and delicious , strong in the mids , you could do an entire gig in this position alone.

Neck p/up : chromed brass cover , Alex is modestly hiding behind this one - absolutely outstanding neck pickup . Mellow from E to E , a definite ‘ Quality’ about the sound. Take a bow Mr Green.

David Chesterman
Esquire pickup set

I have a set of Alegree's Esquire pickups, mounted on one of my tele type guitars. The sound is wonderful, there is a magical clarity and bell like quality that clean or overdriven just makes one want to keep on playing. Finding a good tele pickup set is an uphill struggle, but Alegree with this set has solved all the problems, he has cracked it. His description is very accurate. I am very impressed indeed!